Black Excellence

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Black Excellence

Black women are consistently surpassing previous higher education goals and statistics. Yasss queen! The black woman is finally being recognized for something positive. Amazing, considering the political climate; with heighten, and seemly encouraged, violence against black men and women. Even while social media seems to idealize bodies and beauty over brains and hard work. Depending on the audience, one might even argue we are also decreasing the likelihood of marriage.

Even though they still don’t support us, they try to intimidate us; we keep winning. Black women always survive even while carrying an extra load. We win the U.S Open pregnant, like it’s just take your daughter to work day. We win Olympic swimming metals even when we are told black kids don’t swim, and way back when we weren’t even allowed in the pool.

Black women have been many things and have been called even more. Nonetheless, we have always been strong through every generation and difficulties. We carry children, great men, but it feels like it’s our time now. No shade on the brothers... but the future may be female and in 2017, black excellence is the black woman.

Who runs the world?! Black girls!!!   

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