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Kinky Coily Cool

Hair is important to all women but to the black woman, hair is serious business. We don’t get the luxury of the bed head look or the messy bun. For a long time the most widely accepted opinion on a black woman’s hair is that it should be not only straight, but long. It was and still is hard out here; sisters are/were expected to maintain an image that does not occur naturally for most women of color.

However, the last few years we have seen a new wave or movement of women of color using popular forms of media such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to celebrate natural hair. A community developed of support and appreciation for natural hair from other women who had decided to walk away from relaxers. Phrases like the “big chop, pre-pooing, and curl pattern” became hot topics among women of color.  

Relaxers are finally being viewed publicly as only an option. Learning what your natural curl pattern is and rediscovering African hair is not just manageable but beautiful is exciting. We decided to choose our authentic ourselves, and let go of previous standards of beauty. Being a black woman with natural hair is a beautiful thing; but a confident woman with natural hair is magical.

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