Set in Stone

Set in Stone

2020 has been a hard year, one way or another, for each of us. But 2020 also produced resilience, and creativity, truly out of necessity. One of the hardest produced drops of 2020 is from East end Rap group MTM (More Than Music) with their new release “Freaky”.  A guaranteed good time.

Founding member, Haze, of the group MTM joined us on our photo shoot featuring some new gear for The Royal Bash. Haze is from the Bronx, New York but grew up in New London, Connecticut. He is family oriented and passionate. The son of pastors, Haze is deep and sincere.

This local legend was our proud selection for our Young, Black, and Excellent series. What he has created is a new lane entirely, bringing heat, lyrical skill, and party vibes during arguably one of our most challenging years of our lives collectively. MTM is growing with our 1 million views on YouTube, dedicated fans, and with his new hit “Freaky” from the mixtape ‘Set in Stone” streaming EVERYWHERE! These guys bring the party and then tear it up. Haze’s passion for his music is infectious and you feel the need to be a part of it, knowing they are on their way, ALL the way up.


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