The Trump that Stole Christmas  -  A Christmas Carol

The Trump that Stole Christmas - A Christmas Carol


Gather 'round little children, and some of ya’ll grown folks too.

I have a festive little story just for my boos.

Turns out the Grinch is not the only salty fellow in town.

And yes he's a color not often seen,

I know its weird but he's not even green.

He favors a Cheeto dipped in vanilla frosting.

But the frosting has gone bad and his style is a disaster.

And his vocabulary, all it does is invoke laughter

I mean, $3,000 designer suits with ill fitting caps

No wonder his mind is so out of whack.

His hat might be red but his heart is stark black. 

The only thing that gets him out of bed is Twitter and visions of Big Macs.

When he lost the election, he sure lost his cool,

and now our kids can't go back to school.

I fear we all made the nasty list this year,

So, set your intentions and really get it clear.

'Cause nobody got time for this kind of energy next year.

But all jokes aside, its been on of those years that we will tell forever

In the chronicles of “you just had to be there, my brother"

The Royal Bash would like to wish all of everyone a Merry Christmas. 

*Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog on intention setting for the new year. Here’s to 2021, fingers crossed!

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