Our Story


                                        Tiyawni ByfieldMaya Haughton

                                                              Tiywani Byfield                                        Maya Haughton


The Royal Bash is a love letter to women of color all around the world. It is a celebration of our cultures, style, hair, and melanin. The co-founders are Maya Haughton and Tiyawni Byfield, sisters,  whom came together to build a business that is reflective of us, as black women.

For years we contemplated going back to natural. After we did, we loved it so much we wondered why we struggled with it for so long. We, also, started noticing that other women of color were celebrating being their authentic selves. This awesome community of black and brown women sharing, inspiring, and encouraging each other was growing.

We were inspired and wanted to express our new found self-love and confidence. We tried to find a place that offered awesome urban/Afrocentric accessories and apparel that celebrated our natural hair and melanin; the kind of place we would want to shop. We did see some t-shirts that could help us celebrate, but there was no central place and a lot of what we wanted just was not available. So, we got the idea to create them ourselves and share them with our lovely natural queens. Thus, The Royal Bash was born.

The Royal Bash is a party; it is a celebration of all of us! A community for women, offering swag that expresses our self-love, culture, and all that black girl magic!